Glass Up

First Smart Glasses powered by Android and iOS. The Glass Up's eyeglasses can deliver incoming e-mails, text messages, Tweets and even Facebook updates. Glass Up allows you to have your Smartphone App notifications in your common everyday Augmented Reality lifestyle.

Courtesy of GlassUp Srl

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CloudFlo is an innovative wireless liquor dispensing management system based on a Java™ platform. CloudFlo communicates with a cloud platform server via WiFi to build sales reports for inventory management and POS data. Real-time “pour” data of the amount programmed to run through individual dispensing spouts eliminates waste from “over pouring”. With this system in place, restaurant and bar managers can now build a more exact liquor budget based on predetermined inventory control increasing the bar’s profitability. From small operators to large multi site businesses (stadiums/areas), CloudFlo takes the guessing out of managing your liquor budget.

Courtesy of Wunderbar

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Luna Rossa America's Cup Campaign

On June 12th, the Cagliari, Sardinia-based Luna Rossa Team named Si14 as an Official Supplier to the Luna Rossa America's Cup Team. S14 will provide vital technology support to the Luna Rossa engineering group.

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Designed and patented by Swopapp Solution, Srl and manufactured by Si14, the Jusp turns your Smartphone into a POS platform that accepts payments from debt or credit cards. Jusp is a card reader that connects via a mini jack audio lead to any smart device. Based on European standards concerning electronic money transactions, Jusp is a first device that works by reading the chip on the card. The application, which can be downloaded free of charge, receives data and manages the transaction process. It is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphone, tablets and PCs. It is small, light, inexpensive and you can used everywhere.

Courtesy of SwopApp Solution Srl

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WearIT™ for Sport

Thanks to the Android platform, WearIT is a cross functional standalone smart watch that allows you to monitor all your health and fitness routines. No need to carry your smartphone. Use WiFi connectivity and log your results on the cloud using your favorite Android application. Share with your coach or social network group. Enjoy your workout, enjoy your freedom.

WearIT™ for Work

Develop custom Android applications that can be used in the workplace, anytime, anywhere. With WearIT™ WiFi connectivity, information can be fed right to your wrist. Manage notifications keeping you free to be mobile and hands free. Be more efficient. Be right where you need to be.

WearIT™ for Life

WearIT™ is the best companion for your daily life. Customize with your favorite Android apps that can make your life easier. Music Player stores your favorite music for the moment. GPS guides you. Get important notifications from the web. Enjoy the flexibility WearIT™ brings to you any time of day. Why take it off?

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MISO Graphics

Designed and manufactured by Si14, the Miso is a high performance, ready to use, independent graphic and video IP core. The card is both powerful and customizable based on the customer's needs. Designed as a long life, scalable, low cost, hardware solution, the Miso can be used in the automotive, transportation, outdoor environment, gaming platform or for military applications where low cost and low power multimedia solutions are required.

Key features are:

  • Fast and secure boot
  • Extended temperature range
  • OS-less low latency performance
  • Multiple simultaneous and independent
    outputs (from 2 FullHD to 16 VGA outputs)
  • Graphic texture blitter
  • Multiple graphic layers
  • Video Decoder
  • Alpha Blender
  • Up to 3 GByte DDR3 RAM

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June 2014
Si14 Named as Official Supplier to the Luna Rossa America's Cup Team

On June 12th in Cagliari, Sardinia, the Luna Rossa Team welcomed Si14 as an Official Supplier to the Luna Rossa America's Cup Team.

As an Official Supplier, Si14 will be providing vital ICT R&D services supporting the Luna Rossa Team engineering group in the areas of wireless networking and advanced sensor monitors and instrumentation.

Read more on the Luna Rossa website

January 2014
Consumer Electronics Show 2014
Las Vegas

Si14 will introduce new product innovations at CES 2014.

  • WearIT™ - The powerful Android based Advanced Sport Watch – For sports, for work and for life
  • Miso Graphics Lattice® ECP3TM IP Core

CES International is the world’s largest electronics show . Manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and related products and services will be there representing more than 150 countries.

Come and visit us,
we will be glad to meet you there!

January 7-10, Las Vegas
Si14 Booth number 26416
Health and Fitness Pavilion in South Hall

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Si14 was founded in 2008 by a team of young professionals with a deep experience in board system design. Founded with seed capital from M31 Italia Srl, a high tech incubator for early stage new technology start-ups, Si14 has grown to become a specialist in turnkey embedded solutions.

Providing consulting services on new design applications to full product realization for its clients and customers, Si14 reduces risk, shortens time to market while reducing costs. Broad in approach to delivering new technology, Si14 specializes in miniaturization of systems based on Android, Linux Windows; Cloud Computing; Human Machine Interface and most recently, wearable monitoring devices with the introduction of the first Android – Cloud based smart watch and augmented smart glass devices.

Working with clients from around the world, Si14 maintains offices in Europe and North America.

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Si14 is always looking for talented people who would like to face challenging projects. If you think you are such a person and would like to be part of our team, please send us your CV at

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Si14 SpA - VAT 04345870283
c/o Vega, edificio Porta dell'Innovazione
Via della Libertà 12
30175 Marghera - Venezia
ph +39 041 5094411
Fax +39 041 5094425

How to reach us

North America Office

PO Box 102, Hamilton
Massachusetts 01936
ph: +1 978 224 1350

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